Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Posada's Shoulder Injury Causes Me to Act Shamefully on the Internet

The current flare-up of my all time number one super fave Jorge Posada's shoulder injury has left me in a pretty bad mood. Worse, it's turned me into that crazed fan in the comments section of sports blogs, valiantly defending my boy Jorgie when insensitive writers call him old. Here are some excerpts from my recent, shameful work:

"For me, Posada has always be the antidote to A-rod’s headline grabbing, diva-esque ways. Jorge is a sports hero in every sense — he leads by example, is patient with young pitchers, and most of all, stays calm in big situations."
"As fans, we've always assumed Jorge would be there, and only now that he's injured are we starting to appreciate what he means to the team."

The lessons to be learned from this? 1. Mixing the Internet with sports obsessions can lead to strange things, and 2. Jorge is the best and I will cheer for him even if he is degraded into playing first base.

Now I have to go tend to my own sore shoulder (have I been sitting at a desk for too long, or are these sympathy pains??).

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