Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dear Yankees, Please Stop Losing

Why do the Yanks make it so hard on us poor fans? All we ask for is a few hits, a few runs and some halfway decent pitching. That doesn't seem out of the question, does it?
Last night's game was a true heartbreaker, with my boys losing 3-2, all because of hit off Mariano in the 9th and some questionable non-bunting by Melky with one out and a runner on first. Despite my super all time fave Jorge Posada getting two hits, those rude Ranger baserunners kept stealing off his weakened throwing arm.
At least there was one high point in the game, namely the two scoreless innings by rookie pitcher David Robertson. My Mostly Random List of Favorite Yankees is on the disabled list at the moment in solidarity with injured fave Brian Bruney, but if I were to revive such a list, David would for sure be on it. Check him out in all his nervous, bashful glory in this interview.

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