Friday, March 14, 2008

Readers Respond to Girls Play Tetris

There's been some more complaints recently that GPT is straying too far from the topic of tetris, to seemingly unrelated areas such as baseball and seltzer. Unable to deal with this negative feedback, I've decided to include some glowing comments from loyal readers.

"U guys r funny!"
- Nechama Y.

"I dream of tetris also."
- Raven B.

"Love your blog, it's really well written and insightful!"
- Tasha F.

"I like how your tetris drawing has actual pieces."
- Craig L.

"Very entertaining. How much time do you spend playing tetris daily??"
- Rachel B.

"Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world of spiritual possibility."
- Dali L.

"Get a job."
- my mom

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