Thursday, February 28, 2008

Battle of the Blog

After reading the post about baseball yesterday, some concerns were raised that GPT had begun to veer from its original topic: all tetris, all the time. So I encouraged Rachel to start posting her own thoughts. Here is an excerpt from a gchat convo earlier today:

2:48 PM me: hey
just sent you an invite to blog
2:49 PM Rachel: yeah
me: so?
you gonna write something???
2:50 PM Rachel: maybe
I gotta go to babysit soon
2:51 PM me: excuses
then i'm gonna post again about baseball!!!
Rachel: NOOOOOO!
2:52 PM me: hahahahahahaha
deal w/ it sister

I think it's time that the other Girls let their voices be heard...or else this blog will soon be called "Girls Play Tetris, While Watching Baseball."

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